Revolutionise Banking with the Market Leading Cloud Native Platform

The most comprehensive ready to use solution for Retail & SME Banking enabled by advanced API technology


Vodeno is transforming the financial services industry

We are offering instant access to the most comprehensive banking as a service platform available on the market. Our solution addresses the challenges of increased regulation and allows you to exploit the digital revolution through innovation.

The Vodeno Cloud Platform provides a fast track solution for newcomers wishing to enter the financial services market, financial institutions looking to migrate from legacy technology and processes or financial and e-commerce firms wishing to broaden their portfolio of products.



Vodeno next generation banking platform

The Vodeno Cloud Platform (VCP) is the world’s first and most comprehensive banking platform to operate entirely in the cloud, complying with strict regulations and allowing innovation at speed.


300+ APIs

Covering all aspects of Retail & SME universal bank activities.


Secure by Design

Data security using unique customer keys with blockchain integrity control algorithms.


Regulatory Compliance

1000+ controls implemented for EBA, SOX, GDPR, COSO, ITIL and Cobit with daily monitoring and obligatory reporting.


Systems of Intelligence

Including Smart Contracts to deliver personalised products and customer experience.



For forecasted exponential growth in customer digital interaction.


Data Lake Services

Batch processing, Speed processing, Analytics and Reporting.


Fully Cloud-Based and API-Enabled

Vodeno Cloud Platform, built by our engineers on top of Google's public cloud infrastructure, is a unique composition of micro-services operating within a scalable lambda architecture and with native support of big data processing.

Being fully cloud-based and API-enabled, our platform simplifies migration from any legacy core banking systems or other in-house solutions.
Our disruptive solutions, all from one source, are perfectly suited for banks digitising their activities, fintechs who wish to extend their services or any company interested in entering the financial services market.


Enhance your services with the Vodeno Cloud Platform (VCP)

We offer fully integrated and operational ready products and services, either as a complete or modular solution.

Smart contracts

VCP includes a full suite of retail banking products, including current accounts, loans, savings, mortgages and credit cards. All products are implemented through our intelligent system of smart contracts, holding the legal contract and product servicing information. Digitally signed smart contracts offer a single source for the customer's current and historical positions. New smart contract templates can easily be created using our Product Wizard.

Customer Data Management

VCP provides a single view on the customer through its Customer Data Management system. The customer ledger is accessible from different cloud regions to fulfill the most rigorous regulatory requirements. Our customer ledger stores every transaction, activity and the customer's signed contract in one location.


VCP applies a data streaming architecture to perform analytics on the primary database information. Data pipelines are written for each type of report, thus releaving primary databases from stress and ensuring results in real-time. The system is used to calculate all financial and regulatory reports and can populate a data warehouse if large scale data science queries are needed.

Customer API, Web and Mobile App

All digital customer interactions are performed through a single customer API, ensuring a consistent customer experience across all channels - browser and mobile applications. VCP apps provide full funcionality of banking, not only transactions, payments and account management but also KYC, change of address, bank communications and spending insights.

Banking Operations Website

Our customer's employees can access all their banking operations online. The website handles all banking activity including customer service, product management, financial management and compliance. Each employee has an assigned role and has access only to data relevant to them. This allows us to serve all employees of our customers and is customised to each organisational structure.


VCP can be connected to any bank's existing infrastructure or use a range of third party solutions for KYC, cards, payments, fraud and credit risk.



Employer for next generations

We are connecting great minds to create new kind of financial technology.